SAP KeyUser Pro

Built on NOWSAP KeyUser Pro is a business solution for supporting SAP Service Management. Best practice processes and governance models from existing SAP organizations and projects are built into the solution. This leads to extremely short implementation times, frictionless communication and clear responsibilities between IT and functional departments and as a result of significant cost reductions.

The user interface is intuitive and user friendly, especially for the SAP users and KeyUsers and does not require much training. All process steps, approvals and other activities are stored in the system and can be reproduced at any time. Transparency across all requests, changes and projects is ensured. Full integration into ServiceNow Service Portal completes the way of creating and processing SAP Service Requests

SAP GUI and Fiori interfaces allow direct creation of tickets and data takeover from SAP. System information is added to the Support tickets. Change Requests can directly be created in SAP Solution Manager.

Outsourcing partners can easily be integrated into all processes and can be managed within the application. External staff can be dispatched within the SAP Service Organization and approval processes guarantee proper effort control.

Please contact us for more details and an on-site presentation. SAP KeyUser pro can be implemented very quickly due to its pre-configuration and its immediate availability on the ServiceNow cloud platform. Besides the solution, we offer implementation and customizing support, ServiceNow platform operation and user training as well as customized user documentations.

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Demo Video SAP Integration with SAP KeyUser Pro
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Key Features

Pre-configured SAP Service Management Solution for covering all needs of an SAP support organization running the SAP Key User model. Fast implementation and cost reduction through optimized support processes guaranteed. Seamless end-to-end processes through SAP GUI, Fiori and Solution Manager interfaces.



  • Pre-configured SAP Service Management and governance including a role model and board structures (like SAP Change Advisory Board) for SAP Service Management.
    • Simply add users to pre-configured groups to get appropriate support and business roles.
    • Nomenclature is based on the “language of the business”.
  • SAP Support Request including outsourcing support.
    • Consideration of regional support teamsDeputy rules for KeyUsers on leave.
    • Supporting the functional hierarchy and the maintenance of KeyUser organization
    • Classification of request by process hierarchy (Business Area, Business Process, Subprocess)
    • Sophisticated ticket routing based on regions, processes and applications
    • classify a Support Request as “confidential” to restrict access (e.g. for HR topics).
    • Integration of external providers/outsourcers.
    • Track efforts for Key Users, 2nd Level Support and Outsourcers and optionally calculate cost.
    • SAP Runtime info included when using the SAP GUI integration.
  • Seamless integration of SAP outsourcing partners and consultants.
    • Manage Service Providers/Outsourcers and integrate their staff into the process flows.
    • External coordinator role and immediate integration of approved provider staff into request processing.
    • Tracking of effort and cost.
    • Approval process for external workforces.
  • SAP Services and Service Request.
    • Definition of regional or global Service teams for Service delivery within and outside of IT.
    • Highly flexible definition of Services based on templates.
    • Integration with SAP Change Management, e.g. requesting SAP Standard Changes out of a Service Request.
    • SAP Service Ideas process. From idea via evaluation to new Services.
  • SAP Change Requests including integration with SAP Solution Manager.
    • Pre-qualification of Changes to reduce Change volume and increase quality.
    • Effort estimation, classification and effort tracking.
    • Comprehensive and flexible approval processes.
    • Flexible integration of Outsourcing Partners into Change processing.
    • Deputy Rules for Change Request Owners.
    • Process integration with SAP Solution Manager. Create SAP Solution Manager Changes and exchange status information.
  • SAP Project Requests with comprehensive project description and optional integration with ServiceNow ITBM.
    • Pre-qualification of Project Requests to increase request quality.
    • Comprehensive project description for proper CAB preparations. Cost, resource benefit calculation, solution evaluation and team build.
    • Seamless integration of Outsourcing partners into the project team.
    • Deputy rules for Project Managers.
    • Optional Integration with ServiceNow ITBM to create pre-approved demands and integrate SAP Project Requests into Project Portfolio Management.
    • Optional process integration with SAP Solution Manager.
  • Service Portal, SAP GUI and SAP Fiori frontends for creating and processing requests.
    • Full functionality available in the Service Portal, independent of fulfiller or requestor functions.
    • Drag & Drop of files as an attachment and directly pasting screenshots into requests.
    • Pre-configured E-mail notifications.
    • Enhanced search functionality for finding KeyUsers and SAP services.
    • Multilanguage Support. Currently implemented languages are English and German.
    • Integrated User Guide in multiple languages.
  • Additional interfaces for seamless process integration.
    • SAP Solution Manager interface.
    • Optional ServiceNow ITBM interface for Demand and Project Portfolio integration.
    • Integration with ServiceNow ITSM Incident Management.
  • Dashboard with meaningful and pre-configured reports to optimize SAP Service Management.
    • KeyUser Reports verifying the maturity of the KeyUser model.
    • SAP Runtime information to analyze root causes of SAP support requests
    • Reports for Service Provider control and alignment of invoices and external budgets.
    • Verify and monitor outsourcing KPI`s
  • Domain separation support intended for Service Providers.

Changes in Version 2.1

  • Supporting the functional hierarchy and the maintenance of KeyUser organization
  • Classification of request by process hierarchy (Business Area, Business Process, Subprocess)
  • Sophisticated ticket routing based on regions, processes and applications
  • Consideration of regional service teams

Changes in Version 2.0

  • Knowledge Centric Services for SAP KeyUser Pro
    • Knowledge base with tailor-made categories for the KeyUser model. Documentation of processes, training and solutions for frequent Support Requests
    • Predictive Support - Automated provision of proposed solutions when creating Requests
    • Automated creation of knowledge articles from Support Requests
    • Preconfigured governance, roles, and processes for the management of knowledge articles in the key user support model.
  • Support of mobile devices
    • Integration into the ServiceNow MobileApp
    • Processing of SAP requests
    • Approvals

Application Modules

  • Support Request (1st level)
  • Customizing Request
  • Change & Project Request
  • Services Search and Request
  • KeyUser Search
  • Knowledge Management

Service Management Model

Service Management Model