Project Platform on Demand

Easy Project ERP is a service that will be supplied by b-rightsource for managing SAP projects. The service is based on ServiceNow's cloud platform and is pre-configured with processes, roles and a governance model for structuring projects and is used as a central platform for the project documentation.

The service can be supplied in short term. You neither need a local installation nor staff to administer the underlying software. Furthermore, project members don´t need access to your local network, because the application runs in the cloud. Therefore it can perfectly be used across different companies that don´t share a common network.

We are happy to accompany you to implement the solution for your project. Our support may contain trainings or helping to set up your project.

When you have finished your project, you simply receive the project documentation and return the platform back to us. Alternatively you can also take over the application and continue to run it by your own as your future SAP Service Management platform.

Wenn Sie ihr Projekt beendet haben, können Sie die Plattform wieder an uns zurückgeben. Sie erhalten dann die Dokumentation des Projektes von uns übergeben. Alternativ können Sie die Lösung auch komplett übernehmen und als SAP Supportplattform für sich weiter verwenden.

Key Features:

  • Available within days
  • No infrastructure required
  • Platform operation through us
  • Platform for all project members, globally available
  • No software installation required
  • Central project tracking and documentation


  • Budget & ressource planning
  • Management of project tasks (e.g. customizing tasks)
  • Integration of external providers
  • Communication with users


  • Pre-configured roles and boards
  • approvals

Flyer Easy Project ERP